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                                    Tina before                                                     6 months later

 Read Tina's Story!

Braces in just 6 months.  Straight teeth in 180 days! Orange county
general dentist provides adult orthodontics with speed and value.

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One of the most exciting cosmetic changes you can make is straight teeth.  In the past, that
meant 2 to 3 years in braces or grinding down teeth for caps or veneers.  Now, in just few
months, we can straighten most adults' teeth. With Clear Braces, we can even minimize the
appearance of your brackets.   T
he cost is very affordable
, often less than half
the cost of Invisalign tm.                                                                            
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A beautiful smile in just 4 months!
These patients were treated at our office in Orange.

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Sara always wanted straight teeth, but the thought of the expense and inconvenience of
2 or more years in metal braces kept her from creating the smile she wanted.

6 months in tooth colored braces and
a new beautiful smile.
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        Before SpeedSmiles                          6 months later, after SpeedSmiles

                                                                         SpeedSmiles Sucess

How are SpeedSmiles cosmetic 6 month braces different than regular braces?   They differ in a
number of ways.  The goal of  cosmetic braces is a great smile in about 6 months. The goal of
traditional braces is to create an ideal bite, improve function and improve aesthetics. Traditional
braces generally take two or more years to complete.  Both can greatly improve your smile but
the primary goal is different.  Cosmetic braces focus on beautifying your smile!

SpeedSmiles cosmetic braces use light very springy wires to gently and continuously move your
teeth.  Since we use continuous movement, your teeth move surprisingly fast even with light force.
We also use clear braces or tooth colored braces, and when possible, we use tooth colored wire.
The picture on the bottom of the page shows what clear braces look like on your teeth. 

Powerprox 6 months Braces, Braces Orange dentist
SpeedSmilestm are cosmetic braces for adults that provide almost invisible braces done in about 6 months. Now, you can
straighten your teeth in the time between your teeth cleanings.  Straight white teeth can make you look 
healthier, younger, sexier,
and more 
successful. Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching can further enhance your smile. Ask how you can get free tooth  
whitening after your 6 months braces.

What 6 month cosmetic braces look like on your teeth.
We use light wires with continuous light force to move teeth quickly and gently.  

Clear Braces, Braces Orange,  braces Orange fast powerprox  6 month braces
Braces Orange dentist orthodontist invisalign braces

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 A beautiful smile is just 6 months away!
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