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FAQs: What are 6 month braces all about?

Q  Can I really have straight teeth in 6 months?
A  Yes! Most adults can have straight teeth and a smile they are proud of in 6 months. 

     Q  Is this new?  I have never heard of this before.
     A  No a few dentists in the Midwest have been using this technique
for over 20 years.  It is, however, fairly new to Southern California.
         We have proudly provided SpeedSmiles in our dental office in Orange for a number of years.

Q  How can teeth be moved so fast?
A  We use very light continuous movements that move your teeth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This moves teeth quicker than the heavy interrupted forces of traditional braces.

Q  Can everyone have 6 month braces?
A  Most adults can, but there are some conditions that need more extensive treatment.

Q  This sounds expensive, how much does this cost?
A  The cost of 6 month braces in our office is much less than half the cost of traditional braces.  See our special for an incredible price. We offer the most competitive pricing throughout Southern California.

Q  Braces are so ugly, do I have to have a metal mouth?
A  No we use tooth colored braces wires and ties. See what they look like on some of our patients.

Q  I had braces before and now my teeth are crowded again - can I have 6 month braces?
A  Yes.  This is a perfect use for 6 month braces.

Q  How is this different than the cleat tray braces like Invisalign?
A  6 month braces aren’t removable so they are quicker, more predictable and easier for you to comply.  The clear tray systems like Invisalign, Clear Correct and 
     Red, White and Blue take much longer and take very motivated patients to succeed.

Q   Can I have my child treated with 6 month braces?
A   We can treat some teenagers that are 16 or older with 6 month braces.  Younger children are better off with traditional treatment.

Q  Does Dr. Marcus provide regular braces?
A  Yes, for those that aren’t good candidates for 6 month braces Dr. Marcus provides
     comprehensive braces. We use Tip Edge braces, a modern system that use very light forces. 

Q  What is the difference between SpeedSmiles, PowerProx 6 month Braces and 6 Month Smiles?
A   They all involve a similar technique, but are simply branded differently. SpeedSmiles is a PowerProx technique.

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" I love my new smile! Dr. Marcus is a miracle worker." Connie D       

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