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Headache Prevention in Orange, CA.  The NTI  

Although not obvious many chronic headaches are dental related. Somewhere around 23 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches.  Many of these are 
cause by tooth grinding and or clinching.  Much of this clinching and grinding happens at night and therefore many people are unaware of their destructive habit. 
Headaches aren’t the only problem associated with night grinding and clinching. Tooth damage and accelerated wear are also associated.  It is thought that about
44 million Americans or about of adults grind or clinch at night.   

Dr. Marcus at Orange Park Dental Care is very concerned that much of this disease is undiagnosed.  Early detection and treatment can prevent much of the 
destruction from this disease.Treatment usually includes the fabrication of a NTI device.  This is the only FDA approved non-drug treatment for migraine headaches. 
Our Fees are reasonable and dental insurance often covers this device. 

Dentist in Orange Headache prevention NTI

NTI device on a life size model.  Yes it is small and comfortable to wear. 

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Compared to a nickel! 

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