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 Are you looking for a less expensive way to straighten your teeth?

Braces Orange Orthodontics Family Dentist 6 month smiles
 Adult tooth colored 6 month braces only $3150!
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Before SpeedSmiles braces  4 months of Orthodontics      6 months finished!
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I am looking for people that are tired of crooked or crowded teeth detracting 

from their smile. In the time between teeth cleanings, you could have that great 

smile you want! The average fee for braces in Orange County is between $5500 and $7200.  Our fee for 6 month cosmetic braces is substantialy less.  Clear  braces in month not metal braces or trays for years. 

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 Consultations are free!  Call  (714) 289-9908

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   Before SpeedSmile clear braces                        After braces in Orange, CA
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      Orthodontics in 6 months                                   Straight teeth in retainer                                  
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More success with 6 months braces.
SpeedSmiles!tmRapid Braces
Braces in about 6 months.  Straight teeth in 180 days! Orange county general
dentist provides adult orthodontics with speed and value.