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A smile you can be proud of in about six months, without the unsightly metal! All smiles with braces on!
All patients seen in our Orange Park dental office.
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SpeedSmiles: 6 month braces in action - a clear cosmetic solution.  
Braces Orange dentist orthodontics powerprox 6 month braces
Charles had always hated the gaps between his teeth.  As a child, his parents had not been able to get him
dental braces and as an adult he thought he was too old.  Charles came to me to place porcelain veneers to
close his spaces. After discussing the options Charles realized that closing the spaces with veneers would make
his teeth look very large and unnatural.  He decided to straighten and close his spaces with SpeedSmiles 6
month braces and then place veneers for his smile make over.
Fast clear braces can really change a smile!
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Funny thing...after SpeedSmiles 6 months braces, Charles liked his smile the way it was
and decided not to have veneers made.

Another happy patient after 6 month braces

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 Before SpeedSmiles 6 months braces              After 6 month braces in Orange, CA                      Before clear braces in Orange                                     After braces

   Dr. Dan Marcus can do this for you!  6 months to a beautiful smile you will be proud of!

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