Invisalign Braces: A New Alternative To Metal Braces

Invisalign braces are the latest innovation in orthodontics and have been gaining popularity with teens. It is an innovative way of straightening your teeth without having to go through painful procedures like metal braces or even the more expensive ceramic braces.

If you are interested in Invisalign, you should first ask yourself if you are really ready for it. If you are not, then you might as well continue with your current orthodontic treatments and save up some money. However, if you are looking forward to getting your teeth fixed with Invisalign, here are a few things you should know about this new technology.

First of all, this treatment is not suitable for everyone. If you have crooked teeth and you are very sensitive to certain foods, then you will need to look into other alternatives. However, if you have no problem with eating anything, you will probably be a good candidate for Invisalign.

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic trays that are worn over the teeth. These trays are made to fit your teeth snugly so that they are invisible when you smile. They are also designed to fit over your existing orthodontic appliances. The only difference between the trays and the old metal braces is that they are removable. This means that you can take them out whenever you want to eat certain foods or brush your teeth.

The trays are made of a special material that is transparent and strong enough to withstand the pressure of your teeth. They are also made from a durable material that does not get easily damaged by heat or friction. Since the trays are made from plastic, they do not hurt your mouth as metal braces do.

When you wear these trays, you will see that your teeth are being straightened gradually. You will notice a change in your teeth after a couple of weeks. After that, you will have to come back to the orthodontist every six weeks for checkups.

If you want to get Invisalign, you will need to visit the dentist who will first remove your existing orthodontic braces. Once this is done, the orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used to make a mold of your teeth. The next step is to order the trays and send them to the lab. Once they arrive at the lab, they will be fitted to the molds and the trays will be sent back to the orthodontic office.

You will need to keep wearing the trays for about two months. During this time, you will need to follow certain rules. First of all, you will need to avoid any hard food and drinks. This includes coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices. You will also need to avoid eating anything that has a lot of sugar, such as candy, cakes, cookies, and ice cream.

It is important to remember that you cannot brush your teeth while wearing the trays. You will need to use a special toothbrush that is specially designed to clean the inside of your mouth. The trays are not meant to be removed during brushing.

Once you have finished wearing the trays for two months, you can expect to see the results of your treatment. If you have followed the instructions carefully, you will be able to see the result of your treatment within a few weeks.

Invisalign braces are a great alternative to metal braces. If you want to straighten your teeth, but you do not want to go through painful procedures, then you should consider getting Invisalign.

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